Durable Concrete Steps

Concrete steps are a safe and durable long term option for your home. Concrete can last a lifetime when properly maintained. And both the solidity and high friction of concrete steps reduces chance of injury.

Our experts can install concrete steps in applications like patios, outdoor paths, and basements.

Advantages of Concrete Steps


The density of concrete steps directly translates to a heavier and more uniform step. This will mean that as time goes on you won’t have to worry about your steps becoming bent out of shape.


Regardless of the harshness of the elements or how much you use them, concrete steps are incredibly strong and will not break down. Over time minor repairs maybe needed such as filling cracks but they wont require a full replacement like wood.


Concrete is a very inexpensive material. Concrete steps are not labor intensive to install either. The result is that concrete steps are amongst some of the least expensive structures you can install in your  home.

Low Labor

Concrete steps take barely any labor or time to install. A contractor can have your steps completed quickly.

If you have strong DIY skills you could even install them yourselves if you wanted to!


Concrete steps are built to last for life. As long as you have concrete steps built by Des Moines Concrete Pros, they will not fail you.


The challenge with other step materials is that they require multiple components to be fitted together. This often results in a construction that can break at any time.

Concrete steps are molded and poured together as one. There is not individual pieces that can fail, making concrete steps much safer.


Well constructed concrete steps are smooth and uniform. They look great in any garage, basement, or outdoor setting.

Water Resistant

Concrete as a material is water resistant and as such can survive spills, floods, and other water-related events with no problems. This makes concrete an excellent material to use for steps for outdoor use, or other areas where the steps will be exposed to liquid.

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