Did you know that if someone injures themselves on your unmaintained sidewalk you could potentially be liable for damages depending on your city’s regulations? Not only that, any damage not taken care of now will likely spread to other parts of  your yard and home.

A Well taken-care-of sidewalk can save you legal hassle and make travel safer for everyone.


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Common Reasons Sidewalks Deteriorate


Erosion is the natural removal or breaking down of materials like soil and rock over time. This can cause sidewalks to become sunken and uneven.


Cracks form for a variety of reasons over time. If left unrepaired, they can spread and cause damage to other areas of your property. Cracks can look unsightly and eventually let things like weeds grow through.


Roots from trees can grow underneath and around your concrete sidewalk causing all kinds of damage. Damage includes making the sidewalk uneven, cracks, and water pooling.


Pot holes form over time from general usage and wear. These holes are not only unsightly but can also be a serious risk for causing injury.

Its recommended to get these filled as soon as possible.

Why Fix Your Sidewalk?

legal liability

Liable for Injuries

Depending on your city’s regulation you could be liable if your sidewalk causes injury and it wasn’t maintained to spec.

this can result is costly legal damages for something you may not even be aware you did wrong.

Handicap Accessible

Depending on local regulation you will want to make sure your sidewalk is handicap accessible. A sidewalk that is handicap accessible will be flat and smooth enough for those that rely on equipment like wheelchairs to cross with ease.

handicap accessible
curb appeal

Improve Curb Appeal

You will want a great sidewalk that compliments all the other work and money you’ve put into your home. A sidewalk with great curb appeal will be flat, smooth, and not draw attention.

Your neighbors not noticing your sidewalk at all should be the sign of a great looking sidewalk.

Halt Further Damage

Damage such as cracks or unkept roots will likely find their way into other parts of your property. If you don’t take care of sidewalk damage it will likely lead to other, costly, damage.

halt sidewalk damage

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