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Garage Floors That Last

Cement floors withstand moisture, don’t wither down due to high foot traffic, and never need replacing. All this equals a floor that can last you a lifetime.

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Why Should I Choose a Concrete Garage Floor?

moisture resistant

Moisture Resistant

Concrete is a solid material that is resistant to moisture. Because of this, Concrete can survive everyday mayhem like spills.

It can even survive disasters like flooding.


Concrete is one of the most durable materials on Earth. Concrete is mainly used as a solid material to lay foundation and enhance building structure.

As such, it makes sense that a concrete floor would be made to last for a lifetime. Concrete floors can survive incredible abuse while still maintaining their structure. Thats the reason high foot traffic sites use concrete floors.


Lasts a Lifetime

Other floor materials like hardwood, laminate or tile will require replacing. This is because organic material like hardwood eventually rots and breaks down. Furthermore, these softer materials are not designed to withstand lots of foot traffic and wear.

Concrete on the other hand is a structural material that is designed to last as long as possible. It can handle messes and foot traffic unlike any other material. The fact that concrete never breaks down and just requires rare maintenance means that concrete floors can last a lifetime should you choose to keep them.

Increases Home Value

A nice garage floor will enhance the overall value of your home.

Buyers with nicer cars will appreciate a smooth, high-quality concrete floor in their garage. A more polished, well made concrete floor will give a greater first impression of your home.

home value

Cost Effective

Arguably the greatest advantage that concrete has is how affordable it is. At about $2-$3 per square foot, concrete is amongst the most affordable types of floor to install.

Plus, combined with the fact concrete floors last a lifetime, no other floor material can match concrete when it comes to price.

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