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Floors That Last a Lifetime

Cement floors offer numerous advantages to either a residential or retail structure.

Cement floors withstand moisture, don’t wither down due to high foot traffic, and never need replacing. All this equals a floor that can last you a lifetime.

Browse our different services and coatings to learn how we can help you either install a new cement floor, or maintain an existing floor. Our work is performed with the expectation it will last a lifetime.

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Concrete Polishing
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Coating Options

Epoxy floor coatings are hard wearing and durable solutions for commercial or industrial flooring. These floor coatings can be applied over concrete floors to provide a high performance and an attractive surface.  New technology now offers you the ability to choose almost any color. Metallic additives create a gorgeous surface and multiple colors can be randomly applied together revealing a swirling effect that is very unique and attractive.


When you need a tough and flexible concrete coating to protect from large abrasions and industrial wear and tear, your best choice is a hybrid polyurethane.  Hybrid polyurethanes are also easy to repair. You only need to prep the harmed area and then place another coat. Since polyurethane concrete coatings are only about 2 mm in height, the repaired coating blends right in with the polyurethane around the abrasion.

Cement Overlay

Cementitious overlays are a concrete coating used to improve the overall aesthetic and strength of an existing floor. and  By applying a cementitious material over the entire floor, it will self level and will provide a look of a brand new concrete floor.

without cracks

Polyaspartics are extremely durable and can be applied thicker than standard concrete coatings. They can also completely cover any blemishes or flaws in a floor because it is built up about an 1/8 of an inch or more from the concrete. Most coatings start curing at the surface and take a while to cure all the way through, but polyaspartic coatings “cross link” when they cure, meaning that they cure throughout the system giving it a very consistent and fast curing process.

Decorative Stamping

When you want the look of wood, tile, or stone but don’t want the price tag, maintenance, and replacement costs, decorative concrete is the solution for you. With concrete stamps, dyes, and engravings, you can achieve the exact look your want without the headache of costs and maintenance. We have solutions for new and existing floors.


When it comes to ways you can utilize concrete floor, the options really are limitless. This hardy, foot traffic resistant floor is best used in rooms that see lots of foot traffic.

Living Room
Living Room
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Manufacturing Plant
Retail Floor
Benefits of Concrete Flooring
Moisture Resistant

Concrete is a solid material that is resistant to moisture. Because of this, Concrete can survive everyday mayhem like spills.

It can even survive disasters like flooding.


Concrete is one of the most durable materials on Earth. Concrete is mainly used as a solid material to lay foundation and enhance building structure.

As such, it makes sense that a concrete floor would be made to last for a lifetime. Concrete floors can survive incredible abuse while still maintaining their structure. Thats the reason high foot traffic sites use concrete floors.

Lasts a Lifetime

Other floor materials like hardwood, laminate or tile will require replacing. This is because organic material like hardwood eventually rots and breaks down. Furthermore, these softer materials are not designed to withstand lots of foot traffic and wear.

Concrete on the other hand is a structural material that is designed to last as long as possible. It can handle messes and foot traffic unlike any other material. The fact that concrete never breaks down and just requires rare maintenance means that concrete floors can last a lifetime should you choose to keep them.

Emulates Other Materials

Many desire the elegance of marble but don’t have the money. Others desire the modern style of hardwood floors but don’t appreciate how fragile they are. And others would prefer their home be laid in stone like a Mediterranean villa.

Concrete is a such a flexible material is can camouflage itself as just about any material out there. Common decorative styles include wood, stone, and marble which can all be achieved via different marble finishing techniques. Contact us today so we can walk you through how to use concrete to lay the floors of your dream home.

Cost Effective

Arguably the greatest advantage that concrete has is how affordable it is. At about $2-$3 per square foot, concrete is amongst the most affordable types of floor to install.

Plus, combined with the fact concrete floors last a lifetime, no other floor material can match concrete when it comes to price.

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